Workshops & Trainings


We offer workshops and training for your management team, human resources and departments. Through our participatory workshops, we help you and your team to learn, talk and reflect on sensitive diversity and inclusion topics. Specifically how various forms of discrimination and microaggression in the workplace can be addressed. Through our workshops, your company will be able to learn more about different forms of racism, sexism and other discriminatory behavior and how this impacts employee relations, recruitment, retention and your business success.

  • We provide you with insights and proven strategies for leading diverse teams and advancing racial and gender equality in the workplace. 
  • We will provide you with crucial information and tools on how to work across cultural and racial differences and develop inclusive leadership skills for a multicultural and multiethnic environment.

Our workshops are fully tailored to your needs and your company’s overall Diversity and Inclusion strategy.  All of our workshops are performed in a virtual format.

  • Understand and define systemic racism, sexism, microaggression and unconscious bias
  • Learn what allies are and what it means to be an anti-racist and a gender advocate
  • Identify the characteristics of inclusive leaders as well as their drivers
  • Learn how to recruit, motivate, engage, and communicate effectively with diverse teams
  • Understand how you can leverage diversity and inclusion to your company’s success


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